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About Yuba City High School
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Yuba City High School educates and supports students so that graduates will be literate, meet academic standards, establish goals for their future and demonstrate involvement in school and/or community.


The Yuba City High School community will foster a rigorous, comprehensive, and supportive environment. YCHS students will demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed to achieve their academic, personal and career goals as responsible, contributing citizens.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Demonstrate Literacy

  • Read, comprehend and write at the 10th grade level or above
Meet or exceed academic standards established at Yuba City High School
  • Achieve competency for the standards of any course passed
  • Achieve proficient or better on the California Standards Test
  • Pass the California High School Exit Examination
Establish goals
  • Develop a plan to achieve individual short and long term goals, utilizing available school resources

Participate in a school activity and/or community organization

Involvement in school sports, clubs and community volunteerism