The Honker Battalion engages in physical fitness weekly! As part of the curriculum, Cadets participate in numerous physical activities, team building exercises, fitness challenges, and team sports. Physical activity provides Cadets with the opportunity to lead teams, delegate tasks, make time sensitive decisions, and compete in a fun and safe environment.

 For those students looking to physically challenge themselves beyond the standard workout session of the standard NJROTC class day, we have the Athletic (PT) Team.

What is Athletic (PT) team?

 The Athletic Team is for motivated Cadets that are interested in high levels of fitness. This team is for those cadets whose athletic abilities are outstanding compared to their peers and who regularly put forth extraordinary effort in Physical Training. The athletic team trains before school and focuses on improving a variety of athletic challenges such as the 7 Seas Challenge, the NJROTC Fitness test, obstacle courses, and long runs.

Additionally, the team competes in physical competitions for both team individual accomplishments. Individuals compete for top male and female scores in sit-ups, push-ups, 8x200m relay, and 16x100m relay. These scores add to our Area 13 standing along with Drill, Academics, and UPI.

What awards can I earn from this team?

The PT ribbon can be earned for passing a Physical Fitness Test, with either a bronze, silver, or gold lamp device depending on the score of the Cadet. In addition, Cadets can earn medals for individual achievements at competitions.

How do I join?

Interested Cadets should talk to the Athletic Officer and show serious effort in class PT and on their PFTs. An NJROTC Standard Release Form, Health Risk Screening Questionnaire, and Sports Physical are required to be completed before a Cadet can commence the training with the Athletic (PT) Team.