Hello -- we have updated the scholarship list for review -- if interested in further details, contact
Rachel Chand by phone: 530-674-4900 x 31323 or rchand@ycusd.org
Online Scholarships.pdf

For Numbered Local and/or Hard copies of Scholarships, stop by the Career Center Room 324.
Helpful Tip: Apply for as many scholarships as possible. Some students make the mistake of thinking that they maximize their chances of winning by pouring all of their energy into one or two scholarships.  Not true.  Applying for scholarships is partially a numbers game.  A variety of factors outside of your control affect the outcome of any given award.  Only by applying for large numbers of scholarships can you minimize such factors, and maximize your chances of winning. Even if the scholarship prize is only a couple of hundred dollars, I recommend to filling out an application.  That doesn’t sound like much considering the entire cost of the college tuition bill, but the extra cash can help cover the cost of books, or help pay for incidentals.  In addition, winning smaller awards provides you with additional documentation that you can include when applying for larger awards.

Helpful Tip: Develop a series of reusable materials. When applying for large numbers of scholarships, creating a series of reusable materials saves a great deal of time and energy.  By having these components to draw from, you will be able to focus on other application requirements.

Attention:YCHS students and staff. There is a list of scholarships that are posted in the Career Center (324).  Also, you can email, requesting updated scholarship list, and we will add you to our email distribution group.  You will then receive and updated listing every week or so.  These scholarship opportunities are for the students to research in order to determine their eligibility. Read carefully and always investigate thoroughly.  If there are any fees associated with any scholarship, check with Mr. Shaw or a counselor.  As local scholarships become available, they will be posted in the same manner but with applications available in the Career Center.